Technical Source

Hi, I have a Digital Elevation Model on a .tif file. In order to visualize a shaded relief version of it, I’m using this code:

A = geotiffread('dem.tif');
info = geotiffinfo('dem.tif');
lat = info.CornerCoords.Lat;
lon = info.CornerCoords.Lon;
RObj = georasterref('RasterSize',size(A),'LatitudeLimit',[min(lat(:)) max(lat(:))],'LongitudeLimit',[min(lon(:)) max(lon(:))]);
cmap = colormap(gray(256));
meshlsrm(A,RObj,[135, 27],cmap);

On the…

Technical Source

Simple! That is me, a simple person. I am passionate about knowledge and reading. That’s why I have decided to write and share a bit of my life and thoughts to.

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