Calculating kmeans on a GPU

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I want to ask whether anyone can help me calculate the clustering of kmeans on a GPU it is not included in the standard function gpuArray but it can be calculated as a user-defined function But how to do that? I’m new to matlab and can not figure out how to implement it.

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gpuArray support for kmeans was added to MATLAB in R2016a

>> help gpuArray/kmeans
kmeans K-means clustering for GPU data
IDX = kmeans(X, K)
[IDX, C] = kmeans(X, K)
[IDX, C, SUMD] = kmeans(X, K)
[IDX, C, SUMD, D] = kmeans(X, K)
[ ... ] = kmeans(..., 'PARAM1',val1, 'PARAM2',val2, ...)
N = 1e6;
X = gpuArray([randn(N,2)+ones(N,2); randn(N,2)-ones(N,2)]);
[cidx, ctrs] = kmeans(X, 2);
See also kmeans, gpuArray.




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