collect 400 samples from a LFM (5MHz bandwidth) signal modulated on 18GHz

f_sweep = 5e6; fs = f_sweep * 4.121; sLFM = phasedLinearFMWaveform(‘SampleRate’,fs,’SweepBandWidth’,f_sweep,’PulseWidth’,1e-3); lfmwav = setp(sLFM); collector = phase.WidebandCollector(‘Sensor’,URA, ‘SampleRate’,fs,’CarrierFrequency’,18e9); S1=awgn(lfmwav,-10,’measured’); Y=collector(S1(1:400),[20;30]);

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Your sampling rate is set at fs, which is about 20 MHz, this means your Nyquist is about 10 MHz, regardless what your carrier is, i.e., your signal is aliased. If you want to see 18 GHz at the center, you will have to sample at 36 GHz, this is obviously very expensive.




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