Could anyone help me with extracting similar features

Could anyone help me with extracting similar features( to be used as corresponding points)in two images which need to be registered together?

I am trying to register the two attached images together, for this purpose I need corresponding similar points in the two images. For extracting such points, I tried to use connected components, regionprops, imfill, imclose functions but I couldn’t get similar features. Could you please guide me if you have ideas about this problem.

Thanks so much.

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here is link to a function (‘pairwise_histology_registration.m’) that performs point-based registration of two histology images. This function detects corresponding point sets in the images using SURFs ( Speed Up Robust Features ). You can find additional info on these and other features implemented in the Computer Vision System Toolbox.

A quick demo using your sample images:

% Sample histology imagesim1=imread('');
% Register im2 to im1 using 'pairwise_histology_registration' function.
% In medical image processing jargon, im1 is called a reference image, and
% im2 a source image. Whether im1 or im2 is designated as a reference is
% not important. See function documentation for additional info.

In this example, a total of 1351 corresponding point pairs were detected and aligned with accuracy of 0.5 pixels using a rigid transformation model; top 200 strongest matches shown in green. The function also supports similarity and affine transformation models. All relevant info about corresponding point sets detected by the function is contained in the structure represented by the ‘SD’ variable.

— -

reference image




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