Devloping an App from MatLab code which uses Simulink and Simscape

am looking for the best way to develop an app that has an already developed code in MatLab that works with Simulink and Simscape. I have come across a variety of methods — MatLab Coder, MatLab Mobile, Simulinl Support Packages for Android and iOS and am wondering the best way to approach the app development.


I understand that you would like to develop a MATLAB based Application or App that works with Simulink and Simscape.

MATLAB Coder is a toolbox used to generate C/C++ code from MATLAB code. Since you are interested in using Simulink and Simscape, Simulink Coder can be used to generate and execute C and C++ code from Simulink models, Stateflow charts, and MATLAB functions. You can tune and monitor the generated code using Simulink or run and interact with the code outside MATLAB and Simulink. However, you will require additional APIs to convert the generated code into a running application for your Android or iOS device.

As an easier alternative, I would suggest you to directly use Support packages built to create, run and deploy Simulink models on Android and iOS devices. These packages have interface and functions similar to the Apps created using MATLAB Mobile.


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