Does Simulink 3D Animation support stereoscopic vision?

Is there was a way to use stereoscopic vision in my virtual reality implementation.

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To present stereographic images, the two dominant computer based methods are ACTIVE and PASSIVE STEREO.

1.PASSIVE STEREOTwo independent views of the scene are projected using data projectors through cross-polarized filters on a special non-polarizing screen. Looking at the screen through passive polarizing glasses provides stereo effect. This method is used also in 3D cinemas. The 2 views on the scene must be aligned and created in such a way that their combination provides the stereo impression.

In Simulink 3D Animation this has to be done in the VRML scene itself by setting up two viewpoints in the scene, their distance and field of view should correspond to the proportions between the scene and screen sizes.

The graphics card used should be able to render 2 independent windows (2- monitor setup).

2.ACTIVE STEREOThis stereo effect is achieved by presenting left and right images to the eyes of the observer using time or spatial separation of the images.

Example of time separation is when the left and right images are projected in rapid succession on a CRT (or other display capable of high refresh rate, typically at least 120 Hz). User observes the display through synchronized shutter glasses that alternatively black-out the view of one eye when the display shows the image for the other eye.

Example of spatial separation can be Head-Mounted Displays with pair of miniature monitors designed for each eye.

The stereo image separation is made on the graphics card driver level; no special modeling technique is required on the side of Simulink 3D Animation.

To achieve this effect you will need:- Graphics card capable of supporting stereo mode with corresponding stereo-enabled device driver- Compatible hardware accessories like stereoscopic glasses (for example NuVision 60GX), 3D monitor or stereo headset.While working with Simulink 3D Animation for ACTIVE STEREO:- When using Simulink 3D Animation Internal Viewer, switch to the FullScreen mode- Make sure that switching to a FullScreen mode triggers the stereo mode in the device driver (activate this option)- Tune stereo driver properties so that there is a correct stereo impression. Our virtual scenes can be small like Magnetic Levitation (vrmaglev.mdl) and large like Vehicle Dynamics Visualization (vr_octavia.mdl), it is necessary to make the “parallax” and other image separation properties tuned to get the right perception.




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