Embedding visible watermark in color document.

I want to embed a visible watermark in a color document image in the blank space (black rectangle as shown in image) as shown in the attached image. I’ll be very thankful to you.


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Alpha blending method is used to watermark an image here

Watermarked_Image = Original_Image *alpha + (1-alpha)*watermark

Where alpha is the transparency parameter.

The following code demostrates this,

watermark = imread('saturn.png');
%Resize the watermark according to the area
modified = imresize(watermark,[64,64],'bilinear');
original_image = imread('Marksheet1.png');temp = zeros(size(original_image),'uint8');
[rows, cols, depth] = size(modified);
%Co-ordinnates to place the watermark
X = 21;
Y = 441;




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