Error “Accelerator mode is not supported through the S-Function API” when calling set_param in Accelerator mode.

I have a model open in accelerator mode. When I call ‘set_param’ to change the values of several model parameters, I get the following confusing error:

Accelerator mode is not supported through the S-Function API

Why is this? How can I fix this?

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This error message is misleading, but there is a syntax error in the call to ‘set_param’ used here. The object input argument is supposed to be passed in as a string, character array, or handle to the object being modified.

In this case, passing in vdp (without quotes) is invalid because vdp is not evaluated correctly by set_param. Instead, pass in the name of the model in single quotes. The correct syntax is as follows:

If you change the model back to Normal mode then re-run the original command without quotes, the error message becomes more clear:




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