Extracting numerical data from text file

#Terrain File

Terrain.mat#Start Point (xs,ys)
-4.8 4.0

From the code above I am trying to extract “-4.8” and save it as xs, and “4.0” saved as ys. I don’t know how to tell matlab to look for the “#” that will be at the beginning of every category.

this is the project text file code please convert to project.text file for solving.

#This is a project file for MAE8 Spring 2014

#Terrain File

#Start Point (xs,ys)
-4.8 4.0

#End Point (xe,ye)
4.8 -4.8
#Number of Way Points

#Way Points (xwp,ywp)
-0.5 4.8
4.7 0.8


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If all you need is that start point coordinates, then about the simplest is just

>> [xs ys]=textread('project.txt','%f %f', 1, ...
>> disp([xs ys])
-4.8000 4.0000

If, otoh, you need the other info as well, then it’s essentially the same presuming you’ll do a little post-processing —

>> [xs ys]=textread('project.txt','%f %f', ...
>> disp([xs ys])
-4.8000 4.0000
4.8000 -4.8000
2.0000 0
-0.5000 4.8000
4.7000 0.8000

The only difference in the textread is the removal of the count of 1 to limit the first past to the one record; it instead iterates over the entire file from the 7th line on.

Note the #waypoints record is returned as [2 0]; hence one can use




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