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  • Rakshita Upadhyay

    Rakshita Upadhyay

    In an open relationship with my keyboard. (

  • Manika Pant

    Manika Pant

    In pursuit of Moon River.

  • Samah Fadil

    Samah Fadil

    I like to write and ask questions about politics, poetry, pop culture, power, philosophy, pen game, and various other P words. Not catered to the White Gaze™️.

  • Cathy Coombs

    Cathy Coombs

    Retired early to write; language enthusiast fueled by thinking, writing, and influencing positivity; BA in Eng. Journalism. Make life happen.

  • Jenna Lea

    Jenna Lea

    I'm a soul, loving and true. Sharing my thoughts and feels with you. Everyone has needs to release and express, I welcome you to experience 'Magick in the Mess'

  • Zeiya Shay

    Zeiya Shay

    I write poetry, short fiction, and prose. Currently working on a personal project of ’50 days, 50 poems’ starting September 4.

  • Hamsalekha


    Top writer in poetry. Write poetry and creative essays. Can contact me:

  • Dr. Shakira

    Dr. Shakira

    Celebrity Ghostwriter~Freelance Writer~Researcher~Ph.D. in Philosophy~What is normal?

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