How can I create a .mat file in which I store the colour images and the corresponding histograms?

I want to create the .mat file in which I need to store the Colour images and corresponding each colour image I need to store 4 histograms in row form. Can any one help me with code how to store color image and corresponding histogram in row form?

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Make a 2D array of 1024 column by 50 rows

output = zeros(totalNumberOfImages, 1024); % Initialize
for imageNumber = 1 : totalNumberOfImages
% Compute the 4 histograms...
% Now save them
output(imageNumber, :) = [count1, count2, count3, count4];

do for all images, then save output (or whatever you want to call it) to a mat file

save(matFullFileName, 'output');




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