How can i insert time varying parameters in simulink block?

Hi everyone,

I have a simulink model simultaing a periodic continuous system in the form: dx(t)=A(t)x(t)+B(t)u(t) with A(t+T)=A(t) and B(t+T)=B(t) In every instant i compute the matrices A(t) and B(t). I am introducing a Kalman filter, but i can’t figure out how to insert variable matrices in the simulink block. What is the best way to do it? Thanks in advance for the help.

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For this use case, I would suggest creating a variable of type Simulink.Parameter in the base workspace.

x = Simulink.Parameter
x.Value = [1 1 1 ; 2 2 2];

The above will create a variable x of Simulink.Parameter where the Value field is where you want to put your matrix.

I am attaching a model where I have written a MATLAB function which updates the x.Value in each time step.




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