How do I obtain the stability of a MIMO system in Simulink?

I have a large system that has 77 states in which 11 come from the controller and 66 come from the plant. I add the controller and want to know the best way to get the overall stability of this large system.


You can use the Simulink LTI Viewer to find the stability of the system.

1. In your Simulink model, go to Simulink Tools menu and select Linear Analysis, an LTI Viewer and the “Model_Inputs_and_Outputs” library will show up.

2. Add an Input Block and an Output Block at the input and output of the feedback system in your model from the “Model_Inputs_and_Outputs” library.

3. In the LTI Viewer, go to the Simulink menu in the LTI Viewer and select “Get Linearized Model”.

4. In the LTI Viewer, under File->Export, select “Export to Workspace” to export this model to the workspace with a name of your choosing such as “mimo_model”.

5. At the MATLAB command prompt, type the following command to get the poles to test the stability of the system that you have just exported.



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