How do I plot points over a topographic map?

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1 min readJan 29, 2022


I have plotted a secton of the globe using ETOPO data. I want to plot points onto this surface, but the following “geoshow” command does not work. Does anyone know how to plot like this?


ax = worldmap([20 50],[-130 -65]);

mstruct = gcm;

latlim = [20 50];

lonlim = [-130 -65];

[Z, refvec] = etopo(‘etopo1_ice_c.flt’, 1, latlim, lonlim);

load coast

geoshow(Z, refvec, ‘DisplayType’, ‘surface’);

hold on;

%Plot Stations

A = load(‘Stations.txt’);

for ii=1:length(A)

geoshow(A(ii,1),A(ii,2),'Marker','^','MarkerEdgeColor','k','Markersize',4);    hold on;

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The issue is that when you use display type ‘surface’ you get a 3D surface. The markers are plotted with Z=0, so they end up hidden. The simplest solution is to use display type ‘texturemap’.

geoshow(Z, refvec, 'DisplayType', 'texturemap');

Alternatively, you can give the markers a Z value large enough for them to appear above the surface.

geoshow(40:45, -80:-75, 'DisplayType', 'point', 'Marker', '^', ...
'MarkerEdgeColor','k','Markersize',4, 'Zdata', 10000*ones(6,1))




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