How do I separate the contents of my MATLAB Function

How do I separate the contents of my MATLAB Function blocks from my SLX file for easier version control?

I am using MATLAB Function blocks in my Simulink model to incorporate MATLAB Code. However, the code inside these blocks is saved with the SLX file, meaning it’s very difficult for me to track changes to the MATLAB Functions via source control. How can I save the contents of my MATLAB Function block separately from my SLX?

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Expert Answer

John Williams answered . 2021–10–22 08:32:51

The most straightforward way to do this is via a nested function call. You can define your MATLAB Function in a separate .m file, and then call that function from the MATLAB Function Block. See the example below:

% In the MATLAB Function Block code function y = fcn(u) 
y = foo(u);
% In a separate M file on the MATLAB Path: function z = foo(x)
z = x^2;


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