How to apply bandpass filter

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1 min readJan 15, 2021


The signal file is of 20Hz sampling rate. Each row is a signal, i needed to to apply bandpass filter to each row and convert it in the frequency range 0.34–1 Hz.

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D = load('ehgSignal.mat');
s = D.val';
Fs = 20; % Sampling Frequency (Hz)
Fn = Fs/2; % Nyquist Frequency (Hz)
Wp = [0.34 1.00]/Fn; % Passband Frequencies (Normalised)
Ws = [0.30 1.05]/Fn; % Stopband Frequencies (Normalised)
Rp = 10; % Passband Ripple (dB)
Rs = 50; % Stopband Ripple (dB)
[n,Ws] = cheb2ord(Wp,Ws,Rp,Rs); % Filter Order
[z,p,k] = cheby2(n,Rs,Ws); % Filter Design
[sosbp,gbp] = zp2sos(z,p,k); % Convert To Second-Order-Section For Stability




Technical Source

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