Hello, I use this code which is linked to a Simulink file to simulate and get data used for Artificial Neural Network. The data shown below are saved in structur format and each case contains 30001 data.

So I want to arrange data to get only one matrix with 2 rows and (30001*6) lines by modifying the matlab code or,

save directly the data acquired from MDL file under a matrix of 2 lines and 180006 lines.

Thank you.

for ref_P=10:1:12;
for ref_Q=-10:1:-9;
options = simset('SrcWorkspace','current');
S = sim('gti_V3_15_NN',[],options);
Delta =data_out(:,1); % from workspace
Vom =data_out(:,2);
Ref_P(j,1) = ref_P;
Ref_Q(j,1) = ref_Q;
j= j+1;


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You could likely extract and concatenate this data using a for loop or two, but a more elegent solution may be in using struct2cell(). Your fields will become a column vector of cells with their values being stored in a 3rd dimensional vector. From these, you could extract the data you’re looking for using vertcat and brace indexing — See Below:

%% Setup:
bear = struct;
bear(1).paw = (1:100)';
bear(2).paw = (101:200)';
bear(3).paw = (201:300)';
bear(1).tail = (300:-1:201)';
bear(2).tail = (200:-1:101)';
bear(3).tail = (100:-1:1)';
%% Execution:
tempCell = struct2cell(bear);
vertPaw = vertcat(tempCell{1,1,:}); % Paw is the 1st row, 1st column entry of the cell array
vertTail = vertcat(tempCell{2,1,:}); % Tail is t


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