How to change units in Bode Diagram?

I want to change the units of frequency and magnitude in the Bode Diagram, How can I do this?


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There are 3 ways to change the units of a Bode Plot.


Using the Property Editor GUI

1. In the opened Bode Diagram figure window, go to View -> Property Editor

2. Click on any of the Axes

3. In the ‘Property Editor — bodeplot’ section, select ‘More Properties’. A new Property Editor window opens up.

4. In the ‘Units’ tab, you would be able to select the Units of Frequency, Magnitude and Phase


You may also use the ‘setoptions’ functions for ‘bodeplot’ objects. For example, to change the frequency to ‘Hz’, use the following command:

h = gcr

For more information about setoptions and how to change properties of a bode diagram from command line.


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