how to filter noise/distortion from 3D image?

hi. i would like to make 3D kidney in Matlab. .anyone knows how to filter the distortion of this 3D image? So that i am able to create a better 3D image. Thank you.

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From my understanding, you have a 3D image dataset with a lot of distortions, and you would like to smooth it by using some sort of image filtering.

If you are using R2014b or earlier:

The MATLAB function “fspecial” allows you to create predefined 2D filters (like Gaussian, Averaging, etc.) to 2D images. However, the functionality of using “fspecial” or a similar function to 3D images is not available in these MATLAB releases. As a workaround, you can create your own filter for “ imfilter “. Alternatively, you can use the filter provided on this webpage Note that the MathWorks does not give any warranty or support for functions provided by third-parties.

If you are using R2015a or later:

You may choose from multiple 3D filtering options from the Image




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