How to know which block connected with outport block in a subsystem?

Hi all,

I have outport block in a subsystem.

In outside subsystem, there is block connect with this outport block.

I want to get property of that outside block by command line.

Do any know?

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For your specific query, follow these steps:

First get the line handles of your chosen subsystem.

blk_lines = get_param('model/subsystem','LineHandles');

Then use the ‘DstBlockHandle’ property of the outport lines to get the destination block handles. For the full path of these blocks, use ‘getfullname’ on the handles.

plant_handle = getfullname(get_param(blk_lines.Outport,'DstBlockHandle'));

Here, if your chosen subsystem has multiple outports connecting to multiple blocks, ‘plant_handle’ is a cell array with the elements being character vectors containing the paths of all the destination blocks. If there is only one outport connecting to a single block, ‘plant_handle’ is a character vector containing the path of that destination block.

Now that you have the path(s) of the destination block(s), you can get any object parameter


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