How to load multiple images and processing them?


i’ve been looking for some info about loading “n” images with a script but i havent find anything…

well my idea was create a function with a for loop that changes the index of the image to load, in that way if the firts image its called “1.jpg” the program will load and process the images ‘till it reaches a variable called “m” that is the total of images in my directory….

well i’ve tried like this a lot of times but i cant find the way to make it work. :( so if anyone can help me i will be realy grateful

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% Read files file1.txt through file20.txt, mat1.mat through mat20.mat
% and image1.jpg through image20.jpg. Files are in the current directory.
for k = 1:20
matFilename = sprintf('mat%d.mat', k);
matData = load(matFilename);
jpgFilename = strcat('image', num2str(k), '.jpg');
imageData = imread(jpgFilename);
textFilename = ['file' num2str(k) '.txt'];
fid = fopen(textFilename, 'rt');
textData = fread(fid);

A very slight adaptation gives you:

% Read 1.jpg through m.jpg.  
% Files are in the "yourFolder" directory.
for k = 1:m
jpgFilename = sprintf('%d.jpg', k);
fullFileName = fullfile(yourFolder, jpgFilename);
if exist(fullFileName, 'file')
imageData = imread(fullFileName );
warningMessage = sprintf('Warning: image file does not exist:\n%s', fullFileName);

Note how I make it more robust by using exist() to check for the file’s




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