How to merge the waitbar into UIcontrol GUI

I have a UIcontrol program like below

function [] = MyGui()S.fh = figure('units','pixels',...
'position',[200 200 800 800],...
'resize','off'); = uicontrol('Style','text',...
'FontSize', 12,...
'position',[200 700,400,50]);
S.pb1 = uicontrol('style','push',...
'position',[350 400 100 40],...
S.ed = uicontrol('style','edit',...
'position',[220 300 100 40],...
'string','New String');
S.pb2 = uicontrol('style','push',...
'position',[500 300 100 40],...
'string','Add String',...
%Function for getting the nTs value and passing into encdec
function [] = update_call(varargin)
% Callback for pushbutton, reads new string from edit box.
S = varargin{3};
addstr = str2double(get(S.ed,'string')); % The string to add to the stack.
if ~strcmp(addstr,'NaN')
if addstr > 0 && addstr < 100
%pass the value to encdec
msgbox('Please enter a number between 1 and 100','WARNING')
%Function for starting the main program
function [] = start_call(varargin)

I am doing following tasks 1. I press the start and “MainProgram” runs. (Its a long running process) 2. I put some value in edit text box and press the update 3. The value will be passed onto the “MainProgram” for update.

Now I have two questions 1. there is a waitbar in MainProgram and how to merge that in main GUI (Instead of having a seperate pop-up). (start_call) 2. If user enters “addstr” value and press update, how can I interrupt MainProgram to take this addstr value for further processing ?

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Statisticalbeginner — rather than using a slider to record your progress, consider using an axes object which you would then draw an image representing the progress completed. For example, your GUI may have an axes for plotting something, a push button to kick-off the processing, and another axes to record progress. If you give your GUI a unique Tag (see the properties inspector for your GUI) and set its HandleVisibility property to on, then your main program can look for this GUI and update the axes that has been designated as the wait (or progress) bar.

function updateWaitBar
% find the GUI whose tag is GuiWaitBarExample (GUI HandleVisibility
% property must be set to on)
hGui = findobj('Tag','GuiWaitBarExample');
if ~isempty(hGui)
% get the GUI handles structure
handles = guidata(hGui);
% axes2 is the waitbar
if ~isempty(handles) && isfield(handles,'axes2')
% if the waitBarImg doesn't exist, then create it and the
% image graphics object
if ~isfield(handles,'waitBarImg')
handles.waitBarImg = uint8(ones(1,maxIters,3)*255);
handles.hWaitBarImg = image(handles.waitBarImg,'Parent',handles.axes2);
% reset to a white background
if k == 1
handles.waitBarImg(:,:,:) = 255;




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