How to save output from the for loop in a matrixs?

Hi i have a matrix with M x n dimension. I have performed the peak analysis for each column in the for loop. I want to save the output for the for loop as a matrix.

I have used the following for loop.

for i=x

I get output like this :

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You can’t pass (i) into findpeaks() — that’s just a loop iterator, not a signal. You need to extract the column from your matrix. Then, since each column is not guaranteed to have the same number of peaks, you’ll need a cell array to store the results.

[rows, columns] = size(data) % Size of your 2-D matrix of signals.
allPeakValues = cell(1, columns);
allPeakIndexes = cell(1, columns);
for col = 1 : columns
% Extract one column from the matrix.
thisColumn = data(:, col);
% Find the peaks in that column.




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