How to use grpstats to sum several variables


I have a table of historic stock returns that I’m trying to perform some analysis on. The first variable is Stock, the second variable is Industry and 3:374 are the monthly returns.

I am looking to sum the monthly return by industry, i.e. for Materials to have the sum of the Materials stocks, which will result in a matrix/table of industries as variable 1 and the respective monthly summed returns for the other columns.

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Given the following table, ‘TStock’, which is arranged as specified in your question:

Now, when you use the ‘grpstats’ function, you will want to specify that you would like to group by the ‘Industry’ column. You can also specify that you would like to ‘sum’ the other columns. In order for this to work, you will need to omit the ‘Stock’ column in the calculation, as a sum cannot be performed on non-numeric data.

Which will deliver the following output, in which the first column is the name of each industry, and the remaining columns are the sums of the monthly returns for each industry:




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