How to use the trained network to predict future values?

Hi! I have created neural network using nnstart: NAR; d = 10. After training I saved network in workspase (name: net). Now can I use this trained network to predict future 10 values?

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If the new data immediately follows the data used to design and test the net, the following syntax should have been used

[ net tr Ys Es Xsf Asf ] = train(net,Xs,Ts,Xi,Ai);

Xinew = Xsf; Ainew = Asf;

Ysnew = net(Xsnew,Xinew,Ainew);


Xinew = Xnew(:,1:d); Xsnew = Xnew(:,d+1:end)

but Ainew is not known.




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