i get an error when creating newff please help me ..

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2 min readApr 28, 2021

the excel file has the dataset. it has 24 columns. first 12 columns has the target value 1. the last 12 colums have the target value 0. i wanted to design a NN for classification into 1 or 0. the data was copied to dat file. i selected all the 198 rowsand 24 colums to input.dat . single rown with 24 colums as target.dat and i get the following error . please rectify.


Error using newff (line 107)
Input ranges is not a two column matrix.
Error in signature1 (line 17)
close all ; clc; clf; clear all;
load input.dat;
load target.dat;
[net tr Y E]=train(net,input_n,target_n);

% Simulation
disp('Simulation Output for the given input');
[input_n ; simoutput];
%Output Normalized Versiondisp('Normalized Simulation Output');
%[Norm_input Norm_simoutput];
[target Norm_simoutput]
% Calculating Mean Square Errorperfmse=mse(E);
fprintf('Mean Square Error:%d \n',perfmse);


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It looks like you are using an obsolete version of NEWFF where the first input is minmax(input_n) instead of input_n.

However, even the latest version of NEWFF is obsolete.

What version of MATLAB do you have? Type ver into the command line

The current versions of MLP are

Regression/curve-fitting: FITNET(calls FEEDFORWARDNET) instead of NEWFIT(calls NEWFF) Classification/pattern-recognition: PATTERNNET(calls FEEDFORWARDNET)instead of NEWPR(calls FEEDFORWARDNET)



Technical Source

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