image algo to vhdl conversion

I am unable to convert a simple image code into vhdl using hdl coder. Please help



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The function you wish to generate HDL for contains two function calls (imread and im2bw), and neither function is supported for HDL code generation. imread reads a file from disk and decodes the binary format; in this case, JPEG. I’m not sure what hardware you expect HDL Coder to build for such a function call; in any case, HDL coder does not support it.

The reason that HDL Coder does not support im2bw is that it operates on a frame buffer. The entire image is processed at once, as an image. As written, HDL Coder has no idea even how large the image is.

In general, hardware processing of images or video needs to be performed in a streaming fashion. I could envision remodeling this design so that:

  • The image size is fixed and defined
  • The image is streamed, one pixel at a time, into the hardware design
  • The incoming data stream is processed, pixel by pixel, performing the transform
  • The transformed data is streamed out of the hardware portion back into an image buffer

This of course is one approach. It is so simple because the filter you wish to use is a simple pixel-level filter.




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