Image Analysis — Adding Images

I have three separate images that represent the strain of an area in the XX, XY, and YY axis. These images are all scaled the same. My goal is to combine the separate strains into one normalized strain with the following equation: E = (xx² + yy² + xy²)¹/2.

How can I create an array or matrix that is the size of the image that is composed of the RGB values of each image and then insert them into the equation?

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You can achieve this task by using imread and imshow functions.

when you read the image using the imread function a uint8 array of the image is created.

so we then convert the read image into a double for applying the operations required and then convert it back to uint8 for using the imshow function.

I am providing the code for this task below. I am also attaching the output image.

im2=imread('2.jpg'); %reading the images, replace the names with appropriate file names.
im2=double(im2); %converting into double.
im=(((im1.*im1)+(im2.*im2)+(im3.*im3))/3).^0.5; %applying the formula.




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