Is it possible to exclude blocks for coverage analysis from Simulink Test Manager in R2017b?

I am wondering whether there is a way to exclude blocks for coverage analysis from the Test Manager.

Even if I right-click on a block in the model and exclude it from coverage analysis, when I run a test in the Test Manager and generate the coverage report, the block has not been actually excluded.


It is possible to do so by first saving your filter to a file, and then setting the filter (CovFilter) in the model.

Please refer to the following steps:

1. Open Simulink model:

>> slvnvdemo_covfilt

2. Right click on ‘Normal config (feedthrough)’ > Coverage > Exclude subsystem with all descendants

3. For Rationale, type ‘myRationale’, then Apply

4. From the Filter Viewer, click on Save Filter and save as ‘myFilter.cvf’

5. In Configuration Parameters, navigate to Coverage > Advanced Parameters > Coverage filter filename, and specify name of the filer (‘myFilter’ in this case)

This can also be done programmatically as follows:

>> set_param(gcs,’CovFilter’,’myFilter’)


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