Is it possible to ignore the dropped packet/frame error during

Is it possible to ignore the dropped packet/frame error during acquisition from a GigE Vision camera?

I am using a GigE Vision compliant camera with the Image Acquisition Toolbox GigE Vision adaptor.

Occasionally, I get a an error related to a dropped packet / frame and the image acquisition process stops:

Is there a way to catch this error, or is there a way to ignore the dropped packet / frame and continue acquisition?

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Note: This error can occur if the Ethernet adapter, camera network connection, and camera GigE streaming parameters (PacketSize and PacketDelay) are not configured for optimum operation.

The dropped packet / frame error is taking place in the Image Acquisition Engine thread and cannot be caught with try/catch.

One option, which, depending on the application, might be useful is to use the following command to disable errors when dropped frames occur and to continue acquisition:

Note: ‘gigeDisablePacketResend’ option will be reset by the imaqreset command.

When dropped frames are allowed, it is relevant to know how many frames and which frames have been dropped during acquisition. The BlockID field in the metadata returned by getdata corresponds to the frame number set by the camera. A simple way to visualize this is to plot the acquired frames’ BlockID and BlockID differences, as in the following code snippet:




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