Is there a way to visualize augmented image data created by imageDataAugmenter()?

I would like to confirm a few images just to understand what imageDataAugmenter does. Is there a way to visualize the augmented image data created by the imageDataAugmenter?

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For R2018a.

In R2018a, the ‘augmentedImageSource’ has been replaced by ‘augmentedImageDatastore’ and the ‘preview’ method can be used to preview the data as follows:

augimds = augmentedImageDatastore(…)
ims = augimds.preview();
montage(ims{1:6,1}) % to visualize 6 images

‘preview’ does not reset the datastore.

In alternative, the method ‘read’ can be used to view the next batch of data as shown below:

augimds = augmentedImageDatastore(…);
numBatches = ceil(augimds.NumObservations / augimds.MiniBatchSize);
for i = 1:numBatches
ims =;


For R2017b:

The built-in functionality to do this is not available on Neural Network Toolbox (R2017b).

1) One of the possible workarounds is to make use of augmentedImageSource’s hidden methods and properties for iterating over the data. For example:




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