Iteration through column multiple times

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I have a 16x100x150 double, C.

The first column 16 represents an individual coordinate, where Cdelete allows me to get a 1x100x150 double where it can plot a colour map around the Coordinate 1 as the squeeze turns it into 100x150.

How do I plot all 16 coordinates into the same figure where it goes through Coord 1, Coord 2, and so on? The eventual goal is to generate a colour map coming from each coordinate ALL in the same figure.

Cdelete = [2:16]
C(Cdelete,:,:) = [];
Cplot = squeeze(C);

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hold on
for i = 1:16
cplot = squeeze(C(i,:,:)) ;
pcolor(xMap+i,yMap,cplot) ; %<--- you need to think of xMap and yMap




Technical Source

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