Matlab 2012a vs. Matlab 2013a

I am a newer user of Matlab and have been experimenting with the Image Processing toolbox. As far a comparing version R2012a versus R2013a have any of you found any issues, positive changes, are know where to learn more about the benefits to using one versus the other?

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From the Image Processing Toolbox Release Notes for R2012b and R2013a:


  • Image segmentation using active contours
  • Classes and functions for representing and applying 2-D and 3-D geometric transformations
  • Classes for defining world coordinate system of an image
  • Code generation for conndef, imcomplement, imfill, imhmax, imhmin, imreconstruct, imregionalmax, imregionalmin, iptcheckconn, and padarray functions (using MATLAB Coder)
  • GPU acceleration for imrotate, imfilter, imdilate, imerode, imopen, imclose, imtophat, imbothat, imshow, padarray, and bwlookup functions (using Parallel Computing Toolbox)
  • Unsharp mask filtering


  • Image gradient computation with imgradient and imgradientxy functions
  • Histogram matching with imhistmatch function
  • Multilevel thresholding with multithresh and imquantize functions
  • 3-D image registration with imregister function
  • Code generation for bwmorph and bwlookup with MATLAB Coder
  • Added function bwlookup
  • Writing private metadata when anonymizing DICOM files
  • Expanded color options with imshowpair
  • Performance improvements




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