Matlab compiler + image acquisition issue

I am currently able to run some code to capture images from a GigE camera on one of my 32 bit Windows machines. I have the following code in one of my functions:

vidObj = videoinput('wininput', 1, 'Y800_1280x960');
src = getselectedsource(vidObj);
set(src, 'Exposure', 10);

When I compile this code and run the exe on another 32 bit machine it doesn’t work (after installing MCR on the other machine), unless I change to vidObj = videoinput(‘wininput’, 1), and I remove the line setting the exposure. The first problem I can live with, but I need to be able to set the exposure.

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For the first question, you probably have two cameras — your gige camera and the built-in webcam. You need to get the adapter you want. Play around with this code snippet to adapt it to your needs:

hardwareInfo = imaqhwinfo % Print what cameras are there.
adaptorNames = hardwareInfo.InstalledAdaptors;
% Might look something like:
% InstalledAdaptors: {'dcam' 'gentl' 'gige' 'lumeneraimaqw64' 'matrox' 'winvideo'}
matches = strfind(adaptorNames, 'lumenera');
% Find out which index is the Lumenera Camera.
LumeneraIndex = find(~cellfun(@isempty, matches));
theLumeneraAdaptor = adaptorNames{LumeneraIndex}
hw2 = imaqhwinfo(theLumeneraAdaptor)




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