MATLAB projects for Computer Science/Engineering using these numerical method techniques?

I need ideas for a MATLAB project in the field of Computer Science or Computer Engineering. The only restriction is that the project implementation/coding should be based on at least one of the following numerical methods: — Roots of Equations (e.g. Bisection Method, False Position Method..) — Linear Algebraic Equations (Matrices, Gauss elimination..) — Curve Fitting (Interpolation Methods) — Numerical Differentiation and Integration — Ordinary Differential Equations

I have found many interesting projects online but they have nothing to do with these numerical methods. Any ready projects or suggestions that I can further research on would be highly appreciated.

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I like to see that someone is willing to do their own research. But finding a project that uses those methods, AND is interesting, AND in those fields takes some thought. Here is one idea that would seem to be interesting, involving one or more of those methods:

Consider the time required for some of the basic methods in linear algebra. For example, the multiplication of a pair of nxn matrices requires, in theory, O(n³) flops. Is that true in practice, on a current processor? The idea is to compute the time required for a matrix multiply. (Use timeit to do the time computations, for MANY values of n, perhaps n=1:1:2000, or farther.) Save the time as measured. Then plot the results. Use modeling tools, such as a linear regression, to determine if the curve really does follow the expected power law. (If you log the data, linear regression can be used here.)

If there are significant deviations in the plot for some values of n, verify that they are reproducible. Are they? Now, postulate some reasons as to why that may have happened in what you see. (e.g., does your CPU use caching? Did you go far enough out that there were virtual memory issues? How would that impact the timing?)

IF all of that is easy enough and you have some spare time,




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