Plotting geographic data not oriented on a grid

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2 min readJan 13, 2022

I have a column vector of data (23038 x 1), which corresponds to a column vector of the same length for latitude and another for longitude. I am attempting to plot this data (I have used surfm, surfacem, pcolorm), but it always causes MATLAB to slow down to the point of crashing. I assume that this is because matlab prefers the data to be oriented at a 2D matrix (grid). Is this correct, and if so how would I convert the data for plotting?


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First of all, really neat looking map when you just plot the points at which the data was taken:

Using griddata, you can mesh out your current dataset into a grid:

latmin = min(lat_piomas);
latmax = max(lat_piomas);
lonmin = min(lon_piomas);
lonmax = max(lon_piomas);
gridSize = [100 200];
latvec = linspace(latmin, latmax, gridSize(1));
lonvec = linspace(lonmin, lonmax, gridSize(2));
[LatQ LonQ] = ndgrid(latvec, lonvec);
ThickQ = griddata(lon_piomas, lat_piomas, thickness, LonQ, LatQ);

From there, it’s a simple matter to show the data in whichever format you like:




Technical Source

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