Setting Look Up Table parameter ‘Table’ from GUI using set_param

I want to set the LUT parameter ‘Table’ frm a GUI:

Lookup Table (n-D): ….. simulink library block

Table data: wArray
Breakpoints 1: ........

I am writing the following code in edit callback in GUI:

wNewVal = str2double(get(hObject,'String')); 
wArray=[w w 0 0 -1*w -1*w 0 0]

i can run the code without any errors but if i run my simulation..i get the following error:

Error evaluating parameter 'Table' in 'SDH/Tp/w'Caused by:
Undefined function or variable 'wArray'.

See this also:

get_param('SDH/Tp/w','Table')ans =wArray

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Prashant Kumar answered . 2021–10–11

The code in the GUI Callback creates variables in the callback function workspace. Do you run the simulation from the function or independently? If you run it using the SIM command from the function, use this syntax:

options = simset('SrcWorkspace','current','DstWorkspace','current');
sim('mymdl', [0 duration], options)

Otherwise, make sure that the variable ‘wArray’ is created in the base workspace, because that’s where the model looks for it:

wNewVal = str2double(get(hObject,'String')); 
wArray=[w w 0 0 -1*w -1*w 0 0];
assignin('base', 'wArray', wArray);




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