Simulation for custom multiprocessor hardware

Is it possible to use Matlab/Simulink (with code generation) for a simulation dedicated to a custom multiprocessor hardware (CPU TI + CPU Freescale)

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Yes, a strength of Simulink is allowing all manner of different things to be brought together in a system level simulation.

This can include mixtures of components that model

  • analog world
  • code for microprocessor type A
  • code for microprocessor type B
  • code for FPGA type C
  • code for ASIC design D

Model Reference is a key feature for separating components that represent code for different targets.

In Alberto’s model reference introductory video at time 3:29, he mentions that Model Reference models can have independent configuration sets. This is the key. On the configuration parameters dialog on the Hardware Implementation pane, each model representing embedded code should specify the appropriate type of microprocessor or ASIC/FPGA that it is targeting.




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