Sorting a cell of strings using a certain character position


I have a variable called var=

vart=[{‘Ice011_L_3of3m.mat’’}; {‘Ice011_P_1of3m.mat’} ;{‘Ice011_P_2of3m.mat’}]

We would need to sort the strings in the cell array using the 10th character of each string, so we would get the following result

var_sorted =[{‘Ice011_P_1of3m.mat’}; {‘Ice011_P_2of3m.mat’} ;{‘Ice011_L_3of3m.mat’}]

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Simpler in two lines:

vart = {'Ice011_L_3of3m.mat';'Ice011_P_1of3m.mat';'Ice011_P_2of3m.mat'}
[~,idx] = sort(cellfun(@(v)v(10),vart));
vart = vart(idx)




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