what are the important feature of a biomedical image for classification.

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2 min readJul 23, 2021

i want to work with NN for image classification. so i need to extract some important feature


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There is only three essential properties of biomedical image for the purpose of classification by computers:

  • The image must have the property of existence. Non-existent images cannot be classified by computer
  • The image must have the property of reality, in the sense of not existing only in fiction. For example, Spiderman exists in fiction and so satisfies the property of existence, but Spiderman does not have the property of reality.
  • The image must be represented in an electronic format that can be used with the computer doing the classification. For example it is fine if the image exists only in trinary (base 3 representation, three-level representation) provided that you are using a computer that can read trinary.

There are no other features that are required for classification of all biomedical images. Every mathematical or positional property of biomedical images is useful for classifying some biomedical images and irrelevant for classifying other images. Furthermore, for any given image, there might be different features that are useful for classification of




Technical Source

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