What are the SimMechanics Link Problem?

I am trying to import a Solidowrks assembly into simMechanics. I followed all the steps as in the web site. I have the pull-down menu SinMechanics Link in SolidWorks. When I try to save the assembly in the xml format, I get this error:

Could not start MATLAB. Check your MATLAB installation. Consult documentation to identify possible causes of failure.

I get this error regarding Matlab is open or not.

Note: I am using Matlab 2010a and SolidWorks 2010


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- Install matlab and solidworks on same drive (ex: C: or D:).

- Right-click on the MATLAB icon, and selecting “Run as Administrator”

- Write the command


(adapt the name of the version to your version, here r2014a ) when on the same directory as the two downloaded files.

- Type the following commands one after another:


- At that point you should be able to enable the SimMechanics plugin in Solidworks with these instructions.




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