What is the main cause for rejection of CDR Report ?

there are many reasons for your cdr rejection.

1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a critical reason for the rejection of your CDR report. CDR samples available in different websites are only for reference purpose. Never copy and paste the project report from the CDR sample or from the internet. Whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally, Engineers Australia will catch your plagiarized content and rejects your report. The CDR report is meant to be an original work based on your own profile and project. So, to avoid plagiarism and rejection just read the sample, learn from it and write in a similar way.

2. Use Of Excessive Technical Details

It is okay to write some technical detail information on your report. But too many technical details like tables, excessive calculations, charts, photos, etc. on each report can degrade your CDR report. A CDR report is an official document which is meant to be written by a professional without excessive use of technical details. That’s why a CDR report should be in point information rather than long and elaborated.

3. Career Episode Too Technical

Each career episode demonstrates the application of engineering knowledge and skills in the chosen engineering discipline. According to the EA it is strictly mentioned that the career episode must not be too technical. A career episode is where you discuss your project or problem and your approach to that problem and results. If some necessary calculation is involved then you can include them in your CDR Report. But the diagrams, tables and excessive calculations must be avoided. Engineer Australia wants to check solving ability and your practical skill because the theory knowledge of yours can be already known via your educational qualifications.

4. Word Count

There is a specific rule for the number of words that should be written in each section of CDR reports. The words limit for each Career episode is more than 1000 words and do not exceed 2500 words. Providing extra details and making it too long can lead your CDR to rejection. So, you need to include only the essential information and address within a limited word which satisfies all the requirement of Engineer’s Australia.

5. Improper Organizational Structure

The organizational structure showcasing your hierarchy and position in the project should be clearly defined. It is essential to convey your exact position to appropriately describe the work you have done in your project as viable in the capacity occupied.

6. Lack Of Creative Design In The CDR

The high priority in CDR assessment is given to design activities. There is a high chance of your CDR report being positively assessed when you include the technical design activities in it. In the same way, lack of creative design may act as a huge impediment to the positive assessment of your CDR report. Hence explain the technological experience and creative engineering regarding the designing activities you have and make sure to highlight it as possible.

7. Improper/Technical Difficulties

Before presenting your CDR report to Engineers Australia, you must pay attention to its correctness of spelling and grammar, formatting, and the flow of sentences in your career episodes. Your report must look like it is written by a professional. A CDR report must include duration, location, company profile and project objective. Not only include this information in a report but also present in chronological order. To provide the information on the bullet point is the common mistake made by many people while writing CDR report. So instead of writing the information on bullet point, explain the information and data in paragraphs so that it can be easily understandable.

8. Absurd Selection Of Project

Your CDR Report can be simply rejected for the fact that your supporting project did not stand enough. If you present the illogical project then you might face the rejection from the Engineers Australia. According to your educational qualification, a reasonable project should be selected while writing a CDR report.

9. Vague/ Wayward Summary Statement

Before writing the CDR report, you must understand that CDR report has three main elements: Summary Statement, three Career Episodes and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list. Each of them serves an important role in CDR report. The summary statement is the essential part of CDR which provides cross references for all career episodes. It is the first page that the most assessors read. It shows them how well you analyze information which provides the first impressions of them.

10. Misguided CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) report is required by Engineers Australia for Migration Skilled Assessment. CDP includes:

formal postgraduate study detail

short courses, workshops, seminars attended

Conferences attended

Internships or volunteer work

CPD must provide the necessary information like title, date, duration and venue of the training.

11. CDR In Different Language

It is compulsory to present your CDR report in English language. It is even better if you could use Australian English in correct way. In case if you write the Career Episodes in different language then you must need to translate it into the English language so that Engineers Australia can understand the language and be able to access your CDR report.

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Simple! That is me, a simple person. I am passionate about knowledge and reading. That’s why I have decided to write and share a bit of my life and thoughts to.

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Technical Source

Simple! That is me, a simple person. I am passionate about knowledge and reading. That’s why I have decided to write and share a bit of my life and thoughts to.

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