which statistical test do i use?

i have undergone an experiment and do not know which test to use. i want to see if there is a relationship between age, gender and height with grip strength.


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Doing a study without a statistical design first will almost guarantee a useless result. Please, in the future, give some thought to how you will analyse your data before you do the study! At the very least, you will determine how many observations are needed in order to produce a statistically valid result.

First go to the literature in PubMed to see what previous research has been done and the statistical techniques others have used to analyse their data. (This is not a new problem.)

Second, plot grip strength individually against age, gender, and height. This will give you some idea of how the data are related (linear or nonlinear).

Third, as a preliminary exploration, I would use the regress function. It should provide you with the basic information you need.




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