Why am I receiving error messages about singularities in my Simulink model?

I am receiving the following error messages about singularities in my Simulink model:

Derivative of block at time is Inf of NaN.  Stopping Simulation.  There may be a singularity in the solution.  If not, try reducing the step size (either by reducing the fixed step size or by tightening the error tolerances.)

I have tried reducing the step size and adjusting tolerances, but I still receive this error message. I have also tried changing solvers, some solvers will just get to one point of the simulation, and hang.


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Expert Answer

Kshitij Singh answered . 2021–10–23 05:36:42

This message may be caused by a singularity in your system. One situation where this may occur is if the values of your states differ by a large magnitude. If this is the case, the Simulink solver will have a hard time resolving your step size within the error tolerance as it attempts to “bounce” back and forth between the states.

To check if this is the case:

1. Return the states of your system as follows-

a) In the model editor go to Simulation-> Configuration Parameters

b) Select Data Import/Export, in the ‘Save to Workspace’ field, check ‘States’ to log the states as output

2. Run the simulation.

3. Plot:


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