Why am I unable to start FDATool in the Signal Processing Toolbox 6.1 (R13+)

Why am I unable to start FDATool in the Signal Processing Toolbox 6.1 (R13+) when the DSP Blockset and/or Filter Design Toolbox license has expired?

I receive the following errors when I try to start FDATOOL after the DSP Blockset license has expired. However, the FDATOOL is part of the Signal Processing Toolbox and should be independent of the DSP Blockset license.

??? Error using ==> feval Undefined function 'fdplugin'. Error in ==> C:\Matlab6p5\toolbox\signal\sigtools\addplugins.m On line 44  ==>         fcnStruct = feval(pluginStruct.plugin{j}); Error in ==> C:\Matlab6p5\toolbox\signal\sigtools\private\fdatool_sidebar.m On line 27  ==> addplugins(hSB); Error in ==> C:\Matlab6p5\toolbox\signal\sigtools\private\addcomponents.m On line 9  ==> fdatool_sidebar(hFDA); Error in ==> C:\Matlab6p5\toolbox\signal\sigtools\fdatool.m On line 32  ==> addcomponents(hFDA);


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his bug has been fixed for Release 14 (R14). For previous releases, please read below for any possible workarounds:

This problem has been fixed in Signal Processing Toolbox 6.2 (R14). If you are using a previous version, read the following:

This is a bug in Signal Processing Toolbox 6.1 (R13+) in the way that FDATOOL handles license information from DSP Blockset and/or Filter Design Toolbox.

To work around this issue, uninstall the DSP Blockset and/or Filter Design Toolbox that has the expired license.

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