Why am I unable to use the auto-focus command to focus my DCAM

Why am I unable to use the auto-focus command to focus my DCAM camera in Image Acquisition Toolbox 2.1(R2007a)?

I am using the Image Acquisition Toolbox with the WINVIDEO adaptor in order to connect to my DCAM camera. The camera works fine in AMCap, and is in-focus when I first open a PREVIEW window in MATLAB. However, it goes out of focus, as though it were trying to focus on a point far in the distance.

In addition, if I send it an auto-focus command, the camera goes into focus, but then again goes out of focus when I execute the START or PREVIEW commands in MATLAB.

My camera connects to MATLAB via both a firewire cable, and through a separate cable to the serial port. The camera’s “auto-focus” command is sent through the serial port.


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This is the expected functionality. Whenever a device is started, via START, GETSNAPSHOT, or PREVIEW, the toolbox reads the current values for all of the properties on the source object and sends them to the device. In this case, a default value of 10 for the focus property is sent to the device every time one of the aforementioned commands is issued. This will cause the camera to revert back to the farthest focus setting available. The behavior is different from what AMCap does. However this is not a bug in Image Acquisition Toolbox. It is necessary to allow certain functionality in the toolbox that is not present in AMCap.

The following code should allow the use of the auto-focus command to focus the camera:

% Create the videoinput object:vid = videoinput('winvideo',1,'Y800_320x240');triggerconfig(vid, 'manual');% Start the acquisitionstart(vid)% Open the preview window (this step can be transposed with the startcommandpreview(vid);% Focus the camera using the SERIAL commandport = 'COM8';baud = 19200;




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