Why do I receive an error from the Image Acquisition Toolbox when using an IEEE-1394 camera?

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2 min readMar 2, 2022


I am using a DCAM IEEE-1394 camera with the Image Acquisition Toolbox 1.5 (R14) and I receive the following error:

Insufficient s1394 bus resources to complete the requested task


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This is an error from the operating system describing a problem with the IEEE-1394 bus. Normally it means that there is not enough bandwidth available on the IEEE-1394 bus to support the video format and frame rate requested. There are several possible workarounds:

1. Reboot the computer. This is often a transient problem that can be solved by a reboot.

2. Make sure that no other devices are using the IEEE-1394 bus.

3. Reduce the video resolution by specifying a different video format or reduce the requested frame rate.

To learn more about the VideoFormat property type


at the MATLAB command prompt.

To learn more about the FramesPerTrigger property, execute:




Technical Source

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