Why do I receive an error when I select “Start Optimization” for a

Why do I receive an error when I select “Start Optimization” for a model when using Simulink Reponse Optimization 3.1 (R2006b)

I have got a control system-based model in Simulink. I then use Simulink Response Optimization to tune the parameters of my controller. When I specify the response requirements and select “Start Optimization” option, then I receive the following error dialog:

ERROR: Error using sldodialogs.DesignOptimizationGroup/openTab (line 83) 
ERROR: No default options available for the function 'fmincon'.


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This error can occur if you have installed Simulink Response Optimization 3.1 (R2006b) but do no possess the license. To verify your license for Simulink Response Optimization please type the following command in the MATLAB command window:

which -all optimset

This will find all instances of the function OPTIMSET in your MATLAB Path. Most probably this command will output multiple lines, each line corresponds to one found instance of the function. If Simulink Response Optimization is installed but not correctly licensed one of the lines will read:\n

$MATLABROOT\toolbox\sloptim\sloptim\@ResponseOptimizer\simset.m   % ResponseOptimizer method, Has no license available

(Where $MATLABROOT is the base installation directory of MATLAB as returned by typing ‘matlabroot’ in the MATLAB command window.)

If the product is not correctly licensed, please obtain and install a valid license.




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