Why does “setVariable” in Simulink Test not update variables?

I’m using “setVariable” to update a variable in a test harness. I’m using the command

evalin('base', 'y_coordinate')

in a “From Workspace” block to load the variable into Simulink.

However, in R2019b the variable doesn’t seem to get updated. Why does this happen?


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In R2019b, the behavior of “setVariable” is modified such that it overrides only model variables (as opposed to MATLAB variables).

I attached a simpler model (“SimpleVars_R2019b.slx”) to help illustrate this. This model has two “From Workspace” blocks, one set to “a” and one set to “evalin(‘base’, ‘b’)”.

If you call “findVars” on this model, only “a” is considered to be a model variable, even though both output their timeseries when run:

>> vars = Simulink.findVars('SimpleVars_R2019b')vars =     VariableUsage with properties:            Name: 'a'
Source: 'base workspace'
SourceType: 'base workspace'
Users: {'SimpleVars_R2019b/From

The R2019b behavior





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