Why is the ‘ExecutionTime’ object not created during model simulation in Simulink Test?

I have a model and a corresponding SIL/PIL test harness in which I have enabled the ‘CodeExecutionProfiling’ option in the model Configuration Parameters.

If I simulate the test harness normally, the ‘ExecutionTime’ object is created and stored in the variable ‘executionProfile’. However, when I a SIL/PIL equivalence test in Test Manager, the object is not created.

How can I retrieve the ‘ExecutionTime’ object upon completion of my test case?


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The ‘executionProfile’ variable is saved as a property of the ‘Simulink.SimulationOutput’ object in the test case and can be accessed using the ‘Custom Criteria’ section of the test case.

The following code provides two ways of obtaining the ‘executionProfile’ variable and should be entered into the ‘Custom Criteria’ section of the test case:

% Get the ExecutionTime object
executionProfile = test.sltest_simout.executionProfile;
% Option 1: Save as a MAT file
% Option 2: Assign in the base workspace


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